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Mashta Al Helu Hotel & Resort

·      It's located at the top of a small green hill facing Virgin Mary Mountain.

·      It’s founded as one of the most distinguished architectural designs to form a harmonious part with the green nature around it.

·      It spreads over 27500 M².

·      It’s near to many important ancient places:

            For example, Safita Tower 14 km, Al Dawayat       

            Cave 2 km, Al Hussen Castle 24 km and other

            tourist places which give the guest the chance to

            know a lot about our old civilization.

·      For more relaxation, we’ve got a gym center, tennis court, swimming pools and parks for children.

·      Dearest guest, if your desire is relaxation or work, Mashta Al Helu Hotel & Resort is your suitable destination,


·      Religious sites.

·      Salesian Monastery.

·      St. George Monastery.



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